Wellington plants for Wellington conditions.

Our vast local knowledge of our climate and soils means our plant selection will thrive in your garden. We know what grows in Wellington’s conditions and we can provide you with a rewarding garden experience.

On top of that, we stock the right plants for the current season – not what a national dealer demands. Even our staff are devoted Wellingtonians and their local knowledge will ensure you get great value and a great long-lasting garden.

Are you asking yourself “where to buy indoor plants, outdoor plants, vegetables and trees?” You can forget about the hassle or searching around for specialist retailers - our store is host to an incredible range of plants, flowers and vegetables and are sure to stock everything you need.



We have a wide range of bulbs available throughout the year. Click the button below to see our range of bulb products and some advice on bulb care.



We stock a large range of seeds from trusted suppliers such as Yates & Mr. Fothergills

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