Display unique artwork in your home.
Bonsai trees cultivated by California Home & Garden

Bonsai trees offer an intriguing and unique look that can only be achieved with specialist skills and training. Our founder, Keith Lowe, is a well respected figure in the Bonsai world (He helped to form the Wellington Bonsai Society and is a patron to the NZ Bonsai Society).

Our staff work on a large range of Bonsai trees. When you come into our store, you can expect to see everything from small and large Bonsai trees for sale including both outdoor and indoor ones. With such an incredible range, you are sure to fall in love with these beautiful works of art!  


Keith has now retired, but has passed his amazing knowledge and passion to our green staff. So you can be assured when you buy Bonsai trees that not only look incredible, but are also healthy.

Bonsai trees require specialist care – we provide a range of Bonsai tools, pots, wire, specialist bonsai mix and can recommend guide books to ensure you know the best way to look after your plant and ensure it remains strong and healthy.  

Our staff are more than happy to offer help and advice to anyone who has purchased or is wishing to purchase a Bonsai with us – in particular, you can book an appointment with our re-potting service (With your un-potted ‘Bonsai Starter’). Charges may apply to this exclusive and limited service. Please contact our Lower Hutt store to find out more and to arrange an appointment.   


Bonsai Pots, Figurines and Accessories


Our Bonsai Range:

See below some samples of the Bonsai Plants available at our store. These exact plants may not be available and these are just a representation of some plants that may be available.