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Our unique range of garden decor accessories will add atmosphere and character to your garden and make it enjoyable for you and your guests to spend time in! 

Sit back and enjoy the sounds and sights of our water features. From small ‘table top’ self contained water features to the ‘wow’ factor of urns spouting water and the gear to construct your own pond and waterfall… we’ve got the lot to make it happen! 


Garden wall art to brighten up that bland wall, plus loads of garden ornaments from classical to funky, and patio feature items like bird baths, wind chimes and sculptures to add charm and character to your garden or patio area. 

Together, we can make it happen!
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Unsure of what to do with your outdoor decor  Our garden displays will give you all the inspiration you need to redesign your property and create the garden you love!

See our full range of Dragonstone statures, animals, urns, plinths, benches and bird baths.

Water features