Check our bulb calendar and come in and see our season bulbs.

May - Garlic/Shallots
June - Lilies
July - Dahlias
August - Summer flowering bulbs

The best time to plant spring bulbs is Autumn. Our spring bulbs start arriving in store around February-April every year.  

Our bulb tip: You can store most bulbs in your fridge until you're ready plant, just remember not to store them with your fruit, especially apples.

Bulbs are really easy to plant and grow - unlike seedlings that can be a little bit tricky especially when transplanting . You can either plant them in ground if you want or put them into a planter/pot.

 Below is a range of bulbs from Fiesta Flower Bulbs that we have had available to us. This does not guarantee that we will have all of these stocked so please contact us to enquire regarding your chosen bulbs. Click on each image for the name.



St Brigid Mixed, De Caen Mixed, Lord Lieutenant, Blue Poppy, His Excellency, The Bride, Bordeaux, Bi Colour, Pastel Mixed

Anemone Blanda:

Blanda Meadow Mixed, Pink Star, White Splendour, Blue Meadow

Crocus Species:

Blue Pearl, Prins Claus, Snow Bunting, Sunkist

Crocus Giant:

Jean D’Arc, Pickwick, Yellow Giant, Flower Record


Rainbow Mixed, Fiesta Pink, Fiesta Gold, Fiesta Salmon, Fiesta Red, Fiesta Orange, Fiesta White, Fiesta Mahogany

Gladioli Nanus:

Albus, Mirella, Halley, Carine, Las Vegas, Volcano, Impressive


China Pink, Fondant, Apricot Passion, Yellowstone, Woodstock, Blue Jacket, Pacific Ocean

Hyacinth Double Flowered:

Prince of Love, Red Diamond, Royal Navy, Snow Crystal

Freesia Single Flowered:

Blue Haven, Golden Melody, Montana, Rose Marie, Stockholm

Freesia Double Flowered:

Blue Navy, Bloemfontein, Golden Wave, Red Diamond, Vienna


Early Giant, Pink Surprise, Touch of Snow, Peppermint, Muscarimi


Giant White, Venus, Yellow Giant

Scilla Bluebells:

King of the Blues, White City, English Bluebells


Moonlight, Red Reflex, Skyline, Sunshine

Dutch Iris:

Apollo, Golden Beauty, Miss Saigon, Tiger Eye, White Bridge, Silvery Beauty, Tigris

Iris Reticulata:

Harmony, Alida, Pixie, Blue Note


Carlton, King Alfred, Love Day, Ice Follies, Neon, Sunlover, Stainless, British Gamble

Daffodil Double Flowered:

White Lion, Delnashaugh, Tahiti, Art Design, Full House, Rhodo

Polyanthus Bunch Flowered:

Sir Winston Churchill, Earlycheer, Paperwhite, Geranium, Bridal Crown, Snowflakes

Miniature Daffodils:

Rip Van Winkle, Dickcissel, Hawera, Pipet, Tahlia, Bellsong, Minnow, Tete-a-tete

Daffodil Split Corona:

Cassata, Sorbet, Berlin, Palmares, Parisenne, Smiling Twin, Curly


Ile de France, Carola, Dynasty, Temple of Beauty, Heydar Aliyev, Feather Flag, Queen of Night, Saigon, Alibi, Bolroy Honey, Camargue, Apeldoorn, Golden Apeldoorn, Orange Juice

Double Flower Tulips:

Abba, Carnival de Nice, Double Price, Monsella

Lily Flower Tulips:

White Liberstar, Pretty Woman, Royal Design

Frilled Tulips:

Fabio, Honeymoon, Mascotte

Parrot Tulips:

Flaming Parrot, Rococo, Super Parrot, Irene Parrot